Weihentephan is widely used in industry as an information exchange protocol between production lines and manufacturing execution systems (MES, Industry 4.0).

WS Concentratoris a software that allows to monitor production lines that implement this protocol in a centralized, rubusta and reliable way.

WS Concentrator is capable of distributing information to other systems through multiple mechanisms: such as an OPC DA V2 / V3 server and databases.

WS Concentrator has its version to be able to run inside the Wonderware System Platform as an ArchestrA object anymore.

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Features of WS Concentrator

  • Protocol

    WS Concentrator implements readings and writings about the Weihenstephan protocol of lists and tags

  • OPC DA Server

    All the monitored data of the different configured servers available through a dynamic OPC DA server. The configuration established in the user interface is published on the server automatically

  • Windows service with external database

    The program is able to operate in the background and record the monitored information in an external database. The information is recorded intelligently registering only if the information changes

  • Wonderware System Platform

    WS Concentrator has a version implemented to integrate 100% with Wonderware ArchestrA System Platform. The configured data is recorded on dynamic attributes that allow you to configure the historicization, alarms and, in general, all the functional ones of SystemPlatform

  • User interface

    Thanks to its user interface you can decide which variables to monitor and how often and how to view the information established by the manufacturer

  • Configuration in 3 steps

    Read the server configuration directly or read it offline, select the information to monitor and save

Download the application in both its desktop version and Wonderware

There is also a XXX version for mobile platforms

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